Tristan Byrnes, LMHC | New Transition Therapy
Tristan Byrnes of New Transition Therapy, LLC, in St. Petersburg, Florida, is a mental health counselor specializing in gender therapy and transgender counseling. With more than six years of experience and education, I have the knowledge to help you through your transition process.
In addition, I work with any individual facing depression, anxiety, life challenges, grief, and loss.  I provide each of my clients with personalized attention, so that I can determine the exact techniques to use for each situation.
In 2013 and 2014, Watermark Newspaper voted me as one of the top three favorite medical providers.  Watermark Newspaper named me one of the Most Remarkable people of 2015.  With my help, you can overcome life's greatest challenges.
What I Do
  1. Gender Therapy
    Ensure a seamless transition process with my gender therapy and transgender education sessions. Following WPATH Standards of Care, write all necessary letter for medical transition.
  2. Depression
    I can assist anyone in need of assistance with depression. I create a supportive environment to express symptoms and concerns. I believe in meeting you exactly where you are and therefore use multiple techniques to assist based on your individual needs.
  3. Life Changes
    Life is full of changes: New Job, leaving old job, graduating college, wanting to go to college, divorce, grief/loss, marriage...all of these changes can often feel overwhelming. I take pride in a supportive approach to talk through and assist with all of Life's Changes.
  4. Anxiety
    Anxiety is typically a fear, concern, or stress created by worries of the future, whether something that could happen 2 minutes from now or years from now. I teach techniques through mindfulness, CBT and thought awareness to assist you and learning to relieve the symptoms of those concerns.